Revenue-Triggered Flow

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi everyone

I’m looking to create a flow that is triggered when customers spend over a certain amount. Can someone give me the best triggers or conditional splits for this? I’ve tried a conditional split by revenue and also triggered by over a certain number but I then need to enter a time frame which is irrelevant in this situation.


Hope someone can help!



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2 replies

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Hello @JessB,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

I would recommend using the Placed Order as your flow trigger and using a Trigger Filter of “$value is greater than X” where X is the value amount you want to target. Using a trigger filter instead of a conditional split would remove the necessity for a timeframe as it would evaluate and only trigger for customers who adhere to the definition; in this case users who have made a placed order event whose value is greater than a certain amount. 

Alternatively, you can use the same definition as a trigger split which would navigate users down the YES path if their order is greater than a certain amount or be moved down the NO path if they spend less than the defined amount. This sort of strategy highlighted is similar to how one would target a specific product as detailed in the Creating a Product-Specific Flow. Other resources I would recommend taking a look into that would help understand this strategy are:

Hope this helps! Have a great day!


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Hi David,


Thanks so much for this!


I’ll amend and take a look at the strategies!