Review Request Flow - Automatic email to reviewers not being sent

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Hello Klaviyo Community,

I’m having some issues with our Review Request Flow, and I can’t point a finger on whether there is an issue in the setup, or it’s something related to events sent back to Klaviyo- so here I am!


We have recently set up a flow to ask for reviews to customers who have purchased our product 30 days ago and not returned it as a condition to be eligible for this flow. 

The goal is to gather as many positive reviews as possible, and to do so, we are offering an incentive in the form of a gift card redeemable on our website. I’ve set up the flow to send out a Thank You email containing the gift card code with a conditional split: Has SubmittedReview at least once since starting the flow. For some reason only a customer received the email, although I know many customers submitted reviews through this flow. 

  • Issue Summary: Customers who submit a review after going through the Review Request Flow get a SubmittedReview tag in their profile, however this does not trigger an automated thank you email as set up in the flow. To date only one customer received the Thank You email, and not correctly (lag between submitting the review and receiving the email) 
  • Ecommerce Platform: Shopify+
  • Review Aggregator: JudgeMe
  • Events passed back to Klaviyo: SubmittedReview

Flow Setup: 


Example of the only customer that received the automated thank you email, which is not working correctly anyway because there’s a big lag (thank you email should be immediate after submitting the review): 


Do you guys have any advice for me? I can’t figure this out!



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Hi @Alice.NYC

Thanks for being a part of our community! Can you confirm, if you click on the Preview button at the top of the flow (How to preview a flow trigger setup) are you seeing recipients that would qualify for the flow? That’s usually a good place to start. If you’re finding that there is only one customer who qualifies, you may want to consider back-population to reach out to folks retroactively. 

When you back-populate a metric-triggered flow, recipients will move through the flow relative to when they performed the triggering action. Back-populating will insert recipients at the step where they would be if the flow was live when they performed the triggering action. They’ll then move through the flow like any other recipient. So anyone who triggered that metric 30 days ago would receive your email, anyone who triggered the metric more than 30 days ago will not enter the Flow. 
Please note that back-populating will only work if those customers who purchased in the last 30 days triggered the metric. If they do not have this metric on their profile then it's best to make a Segment and send a Campaign. 

I’ve also included some resources below to consider, but the first step is to check the Preview button. I hope this helps!



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Hi Chloe, thank you for your answer. I do have many users who qualify, and the flow is being sent out as planned. The issue seems to be that Klaviyo is not picking up the event SubmittedReview and sending out the YES followup emails as planned. Any idea? 


Hi @Alice.NYC,

Where you able to find a resolution by any chance? I am having a similar issue and also using Judge me. A customer has received an email today for a review request. They submitted a review a few hours later and the “submittedreview” tag is registered in Klaviyo for their profile. But the thank you for your review email isn’t triggered for the “submittedreview” and they have been subsequently moved to the review reminder email flow. Any help/workaround would be much appreciated.