Review Reward Flow - Conditional Split might be wrong?

  • 20 September 2023
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Hi Klaviyo community,


I use Klaviyo reviews and use the review reward flow. I have added a conditional split for people who leave media to receive a different incentive vs. someone who doesn’t leave media. 


One of my customers left media and they got the wrong email. See attached my conditional split. They received the email that links to the no pathway. 

Can someone help me by telling me where I’m going wrong.




Best answer by stephen.trumble 20 September 2023, 19:33

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2 replies

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Hey @smileyrox 

Thanks for asking another great question!

I think the problem with your trigger split is the “ review_has_media equals 1.0.” For boolean splits, True= 1 and False=0. I would try updating the condition to “review_has_media equals 1” and remove the extra 0 at the end. Also, just double check to make sure the trigger split is set to Boolean and not Text so the True/False is read correctly.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Thank you @stephen.trumble - appreciate it. I updated it according to your advice. Will keep an eye on it. Appreciate your guidance!