Samcart for Abandoned Cart flow? how to build dynamic checkout link or the dynamic block without metrics?

  • 26 June 2021
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Hi guys, I’m having a challenge-launch via Samcart where people can order the app i’m making.

I’m trying to configure the automated email sequences based on this purpose. as far as i’ve seen i can only link samcart few actions which can be integrated with klaviyo to only lists specified by me and adding people in those list.


But I suppose i cannot use the abandoned cart pre-made template then as there will be no metrics like check out started and products / checkout links to automatically go back to samcart abandoned checkout page.

Can anyone please help me out with this if i can be able to build abandoned cart flow with samcart and all the dynamic metrics just like the metrics integrates with Shopify Store for example viewed product, checkout started, placed order? or what link will then i be using as my CTA button to get the readers go back to their abandoned cart page??

For other welcome sequence, placed order - I can just use direct list triggers to start a flow as i will not need dynamic blocks to fill for each customer on post-purchase follow up emails and welcome nurture emails.


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3 replies

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Hello @Faaiz,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

At this time Klaviyo does not have a native integration with SamCart. Reviewing the integration article SamCart has built to connect with Klaviyo, it doesn’t appear metrics such as checkout started or viewed product are shared and synced to Klaviyo. I would recommend reaching out to the developers of SamCart to see if they have the capability to sync these events to Klaviyo.

If not, then you should still be able to create these events/metrics in order for you to trigger your abandoned carts within Klaviyo by creating and building your own custom connection to have these events synced. Some resources Klaviyo offers I would recommend reviewing to create this custom connection are:

If you decide to go this route, I would recommend working with a developer or reaching out to one of Klaviyo’s extensive network of agency partners to help create this connection. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi David, Thanks for sharing your information.

I have tried to setup postman to create a custom connection - i don’t know much coding and my only requirements are to get the metrics like “check out started” & “viewed product” & “placed order” 

I used Klaviyo’s OpenAPI Spec feature to just use the pre-made get requests for metrics and updated them with api keys.

Can you tell me how can i use this or make a POST request or link it to samcart product page now? I’m not sure if im doing or understanding this right but if i say in my opinion


I have used GET response from Klaviyo’s metric api and linked to my private api and account?

Should i be needing the POST request as well now? 


Or how can i now make a flow and make a custom property to trigger that flow ? 

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Hello @Faaiz,

In order to create and sync custom events/metrics to Klaviyo, you’ll want to be leveraging Klaviyo’s Track API. Klaviyo’s Track API allows you to send custom events/metrics based on a users’s action on your website to Klaviyo. For your particular case, you’ll want to leverage Klaviyo’s JavaScript Track API to initiate the custom checkout started and custom viewed product event. To record the custom placed order event you’ll want to use Klaviyo’s server-side Track API.

Using both of these APIs will allow you to POST your request with the desired structure and format for these events. You can find examples of how Klaviyo suggests structuring these events from the Integrate a Standard Ecommerce Platform article.

If you are unfamiliar with using APIs, I would suggest working with a developer to further help you. You can also finding a Klaviyo partner who can further assist you in your endeavor as well!

Have a great day!