Same email in flow received multiple times issue

  • 18 August 2022
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Hi there, 

One of my customers received the same email in a flow 7 times in a row. It’s a abandoned checkout and I can see that the event was triggered multiple times on their customer profile. I’m thinking it was multiple browser tabs that caused the triggers. How can I prevent this?



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Hi @Broderickash 

Thanks for posting your question in the community. I’ve actually ran into a similar issue with a partial order fulfillment where the event fired and triggered a customer into the same flow multiple times. 

To combat this I added a flow filter to limit the number of times someone could be entered into the flow within a defined time range.

For example: Has not been in this flow in the last 1 day

I would give that a shot and see if that helps resolve the issue, or at least, keep it from happening again.


@In the Inbox