Seeing up Instagram Feed using RSS and Displaying in an email

  • 23 November 2021
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I setup my instagram feed using RSS.  I can see the content while in RSS.  I followed the instructions and added this feed to Klaviyo.  When I select preview, it shows the correct HTML, but not the pictures.  Is that correct?  My feed name is simply Instagram. 

Also, when I added the snippet of HTML to my email that was recommended in this article and changed the FEED.NAME to Instagram, it only shows 3 ‘missing picture’ icons in the email when I do a test send.


Any recommendations?




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Hey there @TriaFoster,

Welcome to the Community! I hope I can provide some info into what might be going on regarding your Instagram Feed and RSS setup.

To start, I wanted you to know that It is expected that images will not display in a preview within Klaviyo, however if you actually send your self a preview email, then you would be able to see if the images were populating correctly or now. I recommend to take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide for other related issues. That being said, if you could provide a screenshot of what the error looks like we can narrow down what might be causing the issue. 

Are you possibly using Yahoo or Outlook to test these? This particular issue of not rendering has been caused by these Inbox providers. Some Clients do not display media query as expected, this would be where Yahoo falls, you can see a list here from Litmus of Which clients support media queries?

From Outlook 2007 onwards, Microsoft stopped using Internet Explorer to render emails and instead opted to use Microsoft Word as its rendering engine. This creates a less than ideal environment for email marketers and developers who use HTML. Unfortunately, this is not an issue within Klaviyo, but across the Email Service Provider industry. We outline the issue in more detail in the following Help Center Article: My Email Looks Different When Viewed in Microsoft Outlook.  


I look forward to hearing from you,