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  • 15 February 2021
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I am trying to create a flow[automation], where I create a Trigger where after 2 days an NEW Email is sent members of a specific list.

I know in the PAST Klaviyo only had the ability send emails based some event related to a website [i.e. landing page, product page etc].

About 6 months ago I was told Klaviyo might add the ability to send a New email for time based trigger.

Has this feature been added yet?  Or is Klaviyo only designed to work with products like Shopify, Big Commerce or Wix?


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@Send New Email After X days 

Not sure what you were told and what was the exact conversation you had with support but Klaviyo def have option to start flow by date.. There is option for you to start a flow with Date Property, but first you need to add this date property to everyone that you want to receive this flow. 


  • add date property to everyone that you want to start a flow at specific date
  • create a flow that starts with that date property
  • set the flow live and wait for the date property to be activated


Only one concern here though.. not sure if there is bug or something but last flow we created like this had some problems triggering so I’m waiting from support answer to see what exactly was the problem.
Not sure if this is the problem but just in case.. maybe add the date property to at least 1 person.. than create the flow, and only after you set the flow live you add that date property to the rest so you make sure they will enter the flow and wait for the date to come for the flow to start.

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Hi @Send New Email After X days,

Thank you for providing this information for our Klaviyo Community and thanks @Bobi N. for providing great insight.

My recommendation depends on your use-case. If you are looking to send an email after a specific date currently present on the user profile, (for example a user’s birthday) like Bobi mentioned, then using a date-triggered flow makes the most sense. This type of flow will trigger based on that date. For example, trigger email A, 2 days after birthday. However, if you’re looking to simply send an email 2 days after someone is added to your list, then adding a simple time delay between the list-trigger and the first flow email makes the most sense. This solution would use a list-triggered flow.

It sounds like you may also be looking to target existing people on a list every 2 days, in this case your best bet is to create a segment, is in list X and was added in the last 2 days and send a campaign to that segment. Repeat sending to this segment every 2 days. Alternatively, to automate this process, you can create a list-triggered flow and continue to add emails to this flow with 2 day time delays between each email. For example, flow triggered off of list X, email 1 (2 day time delay), email 2 (2 day time delay), email 3 (2 day time delay) etc.

Thanks and have a great day.