Send copy of order confirmation without sending to customer

  • 22 April 2024
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I have a shipping/logistics partner and want to send order/shipping details to them automatically using Klaviyo. I have a customized template and want to trigger this after every order, but I don’t want to send the email to the customer. How do I setup this flow to “hardcode” a recipient email that won’t change with every order?


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3 replies


BTW, I know I can do this with Shopify notifications, but the raw html editor is too clunky and I’d like to better add conditional logic and customize my email notifications.

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Hi @hyfidel, welcome to the community.

Klaviyo has a Flow Action called “Internal alert” for this exact purpose.  You can set this alert anywhere you want in an existing Flow.  Or in your case, you can create a Flow triggered on each Placed Order (or Fulfilled Order) event with no emails to the end customers at all, but simply to send the internal alert.

Here’s some documentation on how to set that up:

Just note a few things:

  • You can’t use an existing “Template” - you may have to rebuild it in the body of the message but you can use all the variables and conditional logic that you want similar to the Template.  For example, you can loop across all the items in the order.
  • Your shipping/logistics partner has to confirm the initial opt-in (just one time) when you set this up.

Hope this help!



Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!