Send follow-up email IF they have clicked, not working

  • 11 April 2024
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Hi everyone,


I’m making a flow where an email is sent every time someone signs up on a Facebook Ads sign up form.

This first email is working correctly. However, I have a condition set up so that a second email is sent only if the person clicked on a link in the first email, for some reason this second email is not being sent.


These are the stats from yesterday. From what I can tell the first email has a “click rate” of 5 but the second email (on the left) is not being sent. This is how I have the condition set up.

Any idea what might be wrong?



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Welcome to the community @ThomasNK 

There can be situations when an email click is registered, but an open is not.

As you are only interested in the click on that first email, I’d get rid of the open condition as you have an AND clause so the open and click both have to occur for the condition to be true.

If you are monitoring for a specific click in that first email, I recommend adding a filter to your click condition to match against that URL. This is because If you have other campaigns and flow emails that these contacts may receive, a click on any of those will meet your current click condition when they’re in this flow.

If you have lots of urls in that first email that you want to use for the click condition, you can make the condition ‘clicked email where flow equals [your flow name] at least once since starting  this flow’ 

Hope that helps



Hi @bluesnapper,


Thanks very much for the input!

I’ve just adjusted the campaign with the modifications you described. I’ll be monitoring it until tomorrow to see the impact of these changes.





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No problem @ThomasNK 

Let me know how you get on.



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Question for @bluesnapper - if there is no time delay between the first email and the conditional split, wouldn’t that mean that no one will get the second email? Since I can’t see the entire flow, I’m not 100% sure, but that is what it seems like to me.

When I want to send an email based on a link clicked, I create a segment of people who have clicked the link, and then create a new flow based on joining that segment, so no matter when they click, they will get the followup. Curious what your thoughts are, Andy. Thanks!


This likely comes from users who “opened” the email and clicked but had Apple Privacy settings turned ON; therefore, they would not register as “openers” and only be registered as clickers. Remove the open condition to eliminate this—it’s unnecessary when only tracking clicks! 

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Upon further inspection, I think I agree with @JessFosnough.

There isn’t enough time for a human user to get Email 1, open and click before the conditional split is evaluated.  It needs some Time Delay at minimum.  However, it’s still possible someone clicks on the email way after that Time Delay… 

So a separate Segment Triggered Flow seems like a better solution if you just want to send a follow-up email when someone does click at any time after the first Email 1 (but not anyone who already got Email 2). 

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Hi @ThomasNK 

@JessFosnough and @retention make a good point about a delay after the first email to allow the recipients time to engage with it. For example, my sunset flows (segment triggered), which are not dissimilar to your flow, have a re-opt-in confirmation link in the first email with a delay before a conditional split that checks for that specific link click.