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hello, I finally created a newsletter that I would like to send to my subscribers who signed up a year ago. So I want to send them my email chain, how do I do? it seems that only new subscribers can read my newsletter channel. is there a way to send them via klaviyo? THANKS!

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You can back-populate the flow if it is started by a list or segment. Here is article explaining how this works, and you should use the “Schedule relative to when you back-populate” part.

So when you click that all the people that are already in a List/Segment will start going through the flow if they are not filtered out by filters or splits in a flow.

And in this article you can see how to properly back-populate the flow.

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Hi @cynthia,

adding to what @Bobi N. said you could also just schedule these campaigns. What worries me a bit is that you're mentioning you want to send it to people who signed up a year ago.

If you haven't send them any emails in between it might be unexpected for customers to get your email out of the blue and this in turn can cause people to mark emails as spam or unsubscribe. 

Whatever you do keep a good view on the open, click, unsubscribe, bounce an spam rates.

Sending a campaign might be best way to do this and scheduling them instead of adding it as a Flow (preference) and I would create a segment to exclude all people who haven't opened or clicked or done anything or had a soft bounce i.e. in the last 3 emails.


Hope it helps,


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