Sending a "campaign" to an uploaded list - not necessarily signed up for marketing email

  • 9 January 2024
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Hi there,

I’m looking at sending an email notice to our design/trade clients (sending from Klaviyo vs a personalized email from a team member). We have a large list that we’re uploading separately to ensure accuracy vs. creating a segment with a “trade” tag from shopify.

I’m looking at sending this as a campaign as that’s easier for me and will be uploading this specific list and only sending this specific email to that “trade” list.


My question is, when i upload this list do i select “does not opt in for email marketing” and will they still receive this specific campaign? Quite a few of these emails have NOT opted in for email marketing.


Thanks in advance!


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To be honest I would not worry that much about what you pick when you upload.. the bigger issue here is if you never emailed this people before and you email them now and they are not opening your emails, and those that open complain as spam or unsubscribe a lot.. that will cause you much bigger deliverability issue than whatever you pick when you upload.

That option to pick was not even there few months back so its just Klaviyo kind of protecting themselves legally in case of an issue but in general you should be able to email people no matter what you pick there.

The only people that you have in Klaviyo but you can’t email are suppressed profiles