sending a confirmation email instead of my welcome flow

  • 23 April 2022
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Why my emails sending a confirmation email instead of my welcome flow. don unsderstand . i thoght first email will be the welcome flow 



Best answer by JNorm 23 April 2022, 17:09

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Are you referring so a subscription confirmation to your email list or your order confirmation email?

a) If list subscription, its likely because you have double opt-in enabled on the account. This has positives and negatives, if you want to remove it go to your account settings and disable it. (see screenshot)

b) If your talking amount order confirmation, than its because your order confirmation sends from your e-commerce provider unless you've migrated it to Klaviyo. It will always send before your “customer welcome” flow if thats what you’re referring to.


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Thanks for your time JNorm. found the Double opt-in setting a couple of minutes after this post. Appreciate it thanks