Sending a Welcoome Series flow after another flow

  • 22 October 2021
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How do I suppress a welcome series?  I have a e-mail course, so when they sign up for the course, I don’t want it to kick off the welcome series simultaneously, but i want the welcome series to kick off  AFTER the course is finished? 


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Hello @Deon,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Interesting use case you have here! 

This would really all depend on how your signup forms, lists, and flows are setup as depending on the setup there may be a variety of solutions to achieve this.

The most common solution for this would be utilizing two separate lists to trigger two separate flows. This allows you to trigger one flow specifically for those contacts who just subscribed to your list but not your email course to receive the Welcome Series flow. The second flow would be triggered for those who subscribed to the email course to receive the course followed immediate by the Welcome Series experience all in a singular flow.

Instead of using two separate lists to control this, you can retain the use of a single list to add these course subscribers and list subscribers to achieve your goal so long as there is a way to identify these course subscribers. For example, if you were using a single signup form but had a question asking if they would like to also signup for the email course. If the contact checks or selects this option while subscribing it can also tag and add a custom profile property distinguishing this contact not only as a list subscriber but also opting into the email course. 

In doing so, you can still be adding contacts to the same list, but would be able to separate out those who have subscribed to just the list and those who have subscribed to the list and opted into the email course. This in turn would allow you to have a single Welcome Series flow which leverages a conditional split to separate traffic down two different branches of the flow; resulting in a strategy similar to the one mentioned prior but using a single list and single flow. 

To learn more about leveraging these solutions, I’ve included some Help Center articles that I believe would be helpful below:


I hope this helps!