Sending post purchase emails to profiles not in Newsletter

  • 3 March 2021
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I’ve attempted to set up a flow to email customers based on their purchase information (eg. if they’ve spent $X on a certain brand). The flow essentially sends an email to qualifying customers, which contains a link to an embedded form on our website where they can enter their details and join the Newsletter, thus entering the competition. See below:


Flow - Customer purchase $150+ value of FXD [brand]


I can see that the trigger is working (I think) however im quite sure that there have been more customer who’ve met this criteria and not entered the flow. I also created a segment with the same conditions which has more members.


Segment - Customer purchase $150+ value of FXD [brand]


Could you confirm for me if ‘flow’ emails send to profiles who aren’t necessarily subscribed or in the ‘Newsletter’ list?

Or rather if there is a better way to going about something like this?


Thank you in advance!


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It depends how you set it up but usually everyone that places order is kind of becoming subscriber since you have their email in klaviyo from the order.

The problem with your filter as I can see may be the metric. This metric in my knowledge is only tracking value of specific 1 product ordered. So here it is only adding the people who bought in that collection where the specific one product is worth more than $150.

ordered product metric tracks each product separately

placed order metric tracks each order separately

Not sure if this will help but try changing ordered product value with revenue metric and hopefully it will help..


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Hi @Bobi N., thanks for your reply!

I made a few changes since I made this post however I was unable to edit/repost so I’ll detail below again to share my thoughts/process.


Above you mentioned that ‘Ordered Product Value’ may only target a single product (which is also what I was weary of), however this seams to be ok judging from some of the profiles who’ve entered the flow. Below I also made the change, instead of ‘at least $150’, I did excluding tax ‘136.36’ which also seems to be working - however im not sure if this actually correct and measure excluding tax amount. Could you confirm?

Flow | Spend $136.36 (exc. tax) on FXD [brand] to qualify


I also updated the segment to reflect the same conditions which now looks like this:

Segment | Spend $136.36 (exc. tax) on FXD [brand] to qualify

So far all looks well as I can see new profiles in the segment as well as the flow except for 1 person which I imagine may have been because I activated this flow after they had purchased? Although I imagine they’ll re-enter the flow at the second stage and be emailed ‘Email #2’, right? I’m not 100% sure.


Overall, it seems to be okay however would this the best way to go about a flow and the promotion?

Using a flow to send an email with a link to a form embedded on my website → once the person signs up to the newsletter (or even if they're already signed up) it adds a ‘$source’ named the same as the form which will allow me to segment at the end and choose a winner.

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  • about tax question I must admit I don’t know the answer and I also am not much familiar with tax properties in klaviyo/shopify
  • Those people that were in a segment before you set it live won’t continue from email #2.. they wont enter this flow at all. The trigger is when someone JOINS a segment, and since they were already in they won’t be able to trigger it
  • Yeah that $source property should work as you plan it to work..
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Thanks for your response mate.

I got there in the end and it seemed to work fine.