Sent campaign, zero delivery rate

  • 8 April 2024
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Hi all, 

I’m completely stumped so I hope that you can help. 

On Friday I sent a campaign to a list and it says “sent” but nobody received it. Not like emails were skipped, like none. Zero.

This morning I cloned the email and sent it, exactly as I did, and it was delivered. Yikes!

What could have happened? Is this my fault? Or Klaviyo? How do I make sure this never happens again?

Photo attached of the first email that had zero sends and the second that sent correctly. I didn’t do anything differently on my end that I’m aware of.


Thanks for your input, 





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Welcome to the community @valuesbasedlife 

When you say “nobody received it” on the first send, is that from recipient feedback? Or just from the Klaviyo metrics for that send?

What was your list size? Was it sent to an engaged list of contacts? When was the first send time (it’s showing as updated at 10:40pm)? Sending to a list late on a Friday is usually not a good idea, particularly if it’s a business list. 

Have you also looked at the detailed campaign report for the first send, particularly the deliverability tab? Do the bounces look OK?

Having no opens/clicks from a campaign is unusual, but it is possible!