Separating results from two signup forms

  • 10 May 2021
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I have two sign up forms on my website and one main list. 

  1. An embed form where customers register their interest, then 
  2. Customers receive email with information about our business are can click on a link which then directs them to a 2nd embed sign up form on my website which  gathers their information and finalises their sign up with our business. 

How do I take the customers on two different email flows depending if they complete the 2nd form. Basically, if they sign up on the 2nd form I want to start a welcome flow and those that dont sign up will receive follow up emails encouraging them to do so. 




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You can create a segment of people who subscribed to different forms or use flow filter.

There are 2 ways to segment by form that i know off.. one is by form 6 character code looking something like this RjQh23 and you can see it when you open the form in klaviyo this code will be in the URL link, or each form add specific source property when people people click the button so you can also segment them or filter them by the different source property that they got when they clicked to submit the form

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Thanks. I’ll have a look into this in the morning. 

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Hi @Bobi N. 

Your solution seems really interesting !

Once you have the 6 characters code of the form, how do you segment in the flow please? By using a particular variable?
(even when editing a contact, I don't see...)


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Hey there @mdh,

So one way to segment based on form submission is also to use the $source option. A way for the original post to segment based on form submission would be to set up a form using our How to Segment for Form Results documentation and creating segments to filter for the submissions. 

Let me know if you have further questions!

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Here is example of how you can set up that split


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@alex.hong @Bobi N. Thanks a lot ! Works perfectly !