Setting up a flow with 4 conditions

  • 26 May 2023
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I wanted to set up a new flow for sign up forms to send different versions of welcome email based on 4 different conditions.

However, the Split function in flow can only have 2 conditions. How can I configure 4 conditions in one flow? Or should I create multiple flows? Attached is a list of conditions. If I need to set up multiple flows, how can they be mutually exclusive?


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Hey @christynws 

Thank you so much for reaching out for help with your Welcome series flow branching with 4 conditions. You can accomplish this all in one flow! 

I have setup an example for you where after the flow is triggered by joining your List, the flow will check for each of the 4 profile properties add when filling out your signup form. Depending on which property the customer has on their profile they will flow down a specific path. If they don't have the profile property they will continue down the “No Path”. So your customers who did not select anything will travel down the last path of the flow. 

Please keep in mind when setting up the conditional splits that where it says Test you will replace this with the actual property name and definitions. You will find them if you select Properties about someone > select the correct property name > equals > the definition passed into Klaviyo from the signup form

Hope this helps!