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  • 23 September 2021
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I am setting up a Referral Program for my company and would love to have a function where with only a click or two, the email recipient could share a sign up link with a contact of theirs. Ideally they would be able to share it across any social platform. 



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Hi @Paint Cabin,


Welcome to the Community! It’s great to hear you want to implement different strategies like a referral program into your business.

There are a number of partners that offer Referral Share events but this is not a Klaviyo native feature. While Klaviyo doesn't yet offer a referral Integration, many customers find Smile.ioSwell Rewards and  LoyaltyLion integrate best. Talkable has been able to add people to the master list; it's not a prebuilt integration, but something their support team can help customers accomplish.

For the tech savvy folks (or those with access to a developer), you could also use Track API to send a custom event if they wish.

For those without a developer, I would check out our Klaviyo Partners to find a developer to work with you!

Hopefully other community members could share more about their experiences adding referral programs to give you and others who find this post some additional insight!


Have a good day :)


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Oh thank you! I really appreciate the quick response! There’s plenty of helpful info in there!

Quick other question, is there any way to set up a mailto link where the Address is blank and they’re able to fill it out themselves, but the Subject and Body are pre-filled in?



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Hey @Paint Cabin

Had to do some research on the mailto system and how it functions. From what I understand, even if you are to include a subject and body, I believe you would need to start the mailto tag with an email address.

Here is a guide I find that has examples of mailto tags configured with a subject and a body:,similar%20to%20the%20example%20below.&text=You%20can%20also%20add%20body,shown%20in%20the%20example%20below.

I will keep looking around to see if we have a method to do what you described.

In the meantime, let me know if that helped!

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Just adding to this thread since I found a solution for future reference.

You can use an “empty” email address for “mailto:” so that when someone clicks on the link, it will open their systems default email client and have the subject and even body prefilled out leaving the email address for them to add.

An example looks like this:

<a href="mailto:?subject=yoursubjecthere&body=yourbodyhere">Share using Email</a>

Just note to urlencode all the content (including line spaces and return lines).  If you do a Google Search for “mailto link generator” you should find lots of free online tools that can create the perfect copy/paste code.

Hope this helps!



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