Setting up the webhook for segment of users "active on web during 45 days"

  • 2 April 2024
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Hello everyone, 
I’m trying to set up webhook with these conditions:

  1. For all users active on web during last 45 days
  2. Webhook sent every Saturday. As a response to webhook our web returned the data with personal recommendations as separate event which triggers the actual email flow.

But it seems like it’s impossible to set it up. 

  • It’s not possible to set it up with segment because I want to send this email to all users in this segment. Creating live segment is not supported by Klaviyo - “Contacts can only receive a segment-triggered flow once. If someone is removed from a segment and then re-added to that same segment, they will not re-trigger the flow.”. So no way to do it it like that. 
  • When I choose metric “active on web” as a trigger and choose delay Saturday, it’s kinda impossible to make it send only one webhook for people who was on web multiple times during this week. Because I want to send it on exact day of the week - Saturday. And condition “was not in this flow in last X days” would not work because for every user it will be different. So in the end I will be sending webhook multiple times during Saturday for users which visited GLAMI multiple times during the week. Not the best. And it will not work if I decide I want to send it only every 2 weeks...

Any thoughts how to set it up nicely?


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It’s a bit of a workaround but try adding and removing profile properties during the flow. This can be done multiple times and should let you move a customer from one segment to another which in turn lets you trigger more flows. It’s far than ideal as you will need multiple segments and flows -  it will work though.


For your second question, this should however be alleviated by adding and removing custom properties.  




Hi Carl, thanks a lot for your response.

  1.  Seems like a complicated one, but still will ask - what do you mean by adding and removing profile properties during the flow?
  1.  As for second question - you mean like adding by API custom property "Active" with value "45 Days"? If so, how would you imagine the set up of the flow trigger?

I even watched all videos about custom properties but still didn't figure it out.

Thanks a lot!

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I understand that this is far from ideal but at the end of the flow you can use the “Profile Update Property” section to tag the user.



You can then use this to create a segment using the rules:

Properties about someone “Name of the property” is set


And then in turn you can use that to trigger a flow. Make sure to remove the old custom property from the flow in this flow.



However, I must stress that this is more a desperate hail Mary situation rather than a feasible solution.

In regards to your second point, the trigger would be a segment using the custom properties as rules.


Hello, Carl, thanks a lot for explanation, I will explore this. For sure it’s also very helpful for me to know how flow custom property updates work - for other use cases.

Have a great day!