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  • 13 October 2021
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Hello, I am possibly transitioning from Mailchimp. I normally create an email campaign that I use as a weekly newsletter that I send out to my customers. I would then take the campaign archive link and use it in text messages to drive other customers to the same newsletter. How can I do this in Klaviyo? I want to create an email campaign and then link to the completed web document via text. 




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8 replies


is this feature being made available or not?  this work around is a joke and not easy to use 

Really hope that this gets implemented. Migrating clients over from MailChimp and they have expressed interest in this functionality. 

Agree that this would be a very useful feature.

How to use the {% web_view %} link?
My customers and I do not speak or read English, so how to change the text so that it does not say "View in your browser", but an example in Danish language? :)



In addition to what Emilie and Matt said it would be nice to have this feature and also have an option to put it behind a password protected link (e.g. for investor letters)

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Really feels like a basic feature. Would much rather see this implemented than new branding.

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The solution is ok as a workaround, but it would be appreciated if Klaviyo considered adding this basic and useful feature. It would make our lives easier and also allow to add links to a different campaign (for example link to English newsletter on French one in case there was an error in segmentation).

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Hello @ch2020,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo community.

You can add a webview link to your campaign, which gives recipients a link to a web page that displays your campaign. To achieve this you would use the {% web_view %}  tag in your campaign email.

Once you have this web view link populated, you can put it in this share link generator that will create a public-facing URL. In turn, that URL can be embedded for use in your future SMS messaging.

With that said, and as @retention nicely points out in the thread below:

the public-facing link is technically intended for the recipient - so just be careful of using it more broadly (example - the unsubscribe link, preferences, and any personalization intended for the email). For example, if the campaign uses a personalization tag like {{ first_name }} and reads “Hi Jim”, that wouldn’t be great for a broader audience accessing that campaign URL. So keeping the email more generic is key for success here.

I hope that was helpful.