Shopfiy showing abandoned cart emails as "not sent"

  • 17 July 2021
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Abandoned cart emails ARE being sent by Klaviyo, but showing as “NOT SENT” in Shopify. Is this the behavior I should expect? I was hoping by integrating Klaviyo into my Shopify store, the two systems would be able to better communicate with one another. 


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Hello @CraigRR,

Great question!

Since Klaviyo and Shopify are two independant services, each with its own capability to send out abandoned cart emails, this would be expected behavior. This is because although Klaviyo is integrated with your Shopify account, only certain data is shared from Klaviyo to Shopify. In additional, data is synced to Klaviyo in a one-way direction with certain exceptions. This means that data outside of the first and last name fields and the email address of your contacts would not be shared backwards from Klaviyo to Shopify as explained in the How to Sync Fields from Klaviyo to Shopify Help Center Article. To learn more about the data that is synced to Klaviyo from Shopify, I would suggest taking a look at the How to Integrate with Shopify and Reviewing Your Shopify Data Help Center Articles. 

I also alluded to how Klaviyo and ecommerce integrations interact and share data with their settings in a similar Community post which i’ve included below:

I hope this helps!


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Thank you, David. I understand why data fields would not be shared back and forth. In this case, it seems data fields would not need to be shared, only that Klaviyo sent (or did not send) the abandoned cart email.  It’s quite off-putting to log into Shopify and see a huge list of abandoned cart emails listed as “not sent.”