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  • 2 September 2021
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I’d like to send an email to push our customers to review our store in Google. We have 18 stores so I’m trying to understand how I could make the template dynamic based on the store the bought from (POS tag from Shopify). 

I know how to do this in the copy of the email but what I’m struggling with is to adapt the link in the CTA. Ideally, I’d like the link to be different for each store so it takes you to the Google review page relevant to the store you bought from. 




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Hi there @Leo Pure Electric,

Thanks for posting to the Community!


In order to create a dynamic link with the CTA, it can be achieved in two steps.

First, to get the users who have already made a purchase, but you think will come back again, it would start with creating a segment of repeat purchases (with Placed order value being greater than 0) to first get all your past customers. After creating a segment, you can then export the csv file. From there you can import profile properties into the csv!

After following the last step, you can add a profile property of the link to the profiles you want to target, you can then use a dynamic tag within an email to send that specific link. As for different stores, you can use the custom properties tags to pull in the link in the email. The Shopify integration source_name value could work to track the point of sale for your customers and you can add that property to your customers.

Here is how to add this property and create a dynamic link with CTA for new customers that are placing orders moving forward. The best way to do it is to use discrete hide/show blocks for each store name (Store 1, Store 2 etc). That’ll be done by targeting the event variable responsible for Store Name,  I recommend looking at the bottom of this article for an example on how to set-up a hide/show statement.


Hope this helped!