Shopify: Excluding Customers Who Opt-in to Email Marketing at Checkout from the Welcome Flow

  • 7 August 2022
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Somehow I missed the memo that Klaviyo no longer filters those who sign up for emails at checkout from your list-triggered flows. 

And I’ve got past clients + students whose customers are receiving post-purchase and welcome emails based on how I recommended set up. 


How is everyone filtering the welcome flow to prevent this?

I’m brainstorming all the possible solutions so I can present them to my clients and audience, would love to hear any and all ways that you have adjusted for this. Sadly, the $source is the same whether they sign up at checkout or through a Shopify form. 

The easiest solution seems to just swap out the Shopify footer form with a Klaviyo one so I can set a profile property - but would love to present multiple options. 


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Hi there @Jessica eCommerce Badassery


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Great point on checking the $source of your customers to see where they came from! While we have hard-coded number signifying how a customer came in to your account either through your subscribe page, Shopify (your ecommerce integration) or API, we are looking to label these with text values in the future. 


I can definitely understand why you don’t want a new customer getting these two different flow emails at once. If you want to prevent this new subscriber from the Welcome Flow vs the Post Purchase Flow, you can utilize a Flow filter or add a conditional split at the beginning of the Welcome Flow that asks if they have made at least one purchase over all time. If they meet this condition, they’ll be booted from the Flow.


If you want to exclude a new user from the post purchase flow, but allow them to travel through your Welcome Flow, I’d suggest either adding a profile property to your users when they enter your Welcome Flow (and removing it before they exit) and using this property as a Flow Filter for your Post Purchase Flow or as a  conditional split at the beginning that would filter out anyone with that property from getting corresponding post-purchase flow emails. This profile property could also be used to create a segment of users you want to exclude from campaign send as you don’t want to bombard these new users with too many emails from your company as a first impression! 


Hope this helps!