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  • 14 February 2021
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We use Shopify and it seems that we don’t have an order status page in general or are we wrong and there is one? There is an order status tag on Klaviyo but that leads to USPS Tracking number site. Which is not what I want. Is there a link to the online’s store branded order status which includes the order details and tracking number. I think it’s better for navigational purposes and leads to more brand experience. If anyone can help I would be grateful!


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4 replies

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In my experience shopping at other online stores I know this is possible, I’m not sure if it is with Klaviyo. 

Order Confirmation Emails specifically. They always have an Order Status button that brings you back to the order confirmation page on Shopify (Online Store). Then once a tracking number is available, that becomes available. But the two are different. Order status and tracking number. Right now my links are configured as just the tracking number. In my Klaviyo configuration the tracking status code is codes: “{{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.tracking_url }}”. In the coding it codes it as the tracking URL. I'm sure that specific part needs to be swapped for the order status code. I am able to manually access the order status page via shopify per order. Thanks again if you’re able to answer this :)

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Hi @BalandiTeam,

Thanks so much for sharing your question with the Community and following up on the thread with additional context.

If I understand correctly, you’re looking for an order status URL. That would be populated by using the following tag in your Klaviyo “Order Confirmation” email for Shopify.

{{ event.extra.order_status_url }}

All of the data available to be pulled into this confirmation email is located in the event data when you preview the event in the Klaviyo email template. So if you do not see the correct item you are looking for I’m afraid we will not be able to pre-populate it in our emails. For more information please see our documentation on event variables.

Thanks and have a great day.

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I’ve tried this in my Shopify template through Klaviyo and it’s not working when i test for some reason? is it no populating because i don’t have access to an order? or does this feature no longer work? 

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Hey @lynsey_crew 

Thanks for reaching out for help with this.

First, you do have to have event data in at least 1 profile for dynamic variables to work.

Secondly I have a quick question, are you testing in your Klaviyo account or in your Shopify account? These templates were designed to be imported into your Shopify account, and therefore the variable syntax is actually slightly different from what we use inside Klaviyo. If you haven’t already, try testing the template in Shopify!