Shopify Tags segment criteria is not pulling entire audience

  • 12 October 2022
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Hi! I created a new tag in Shopify and after re-importing historical data in Klaviyo I am able to see that tag pop up in Klaviyo’s segmentation tool. However, when I run the dynamic segment only a few individuals are being pulled, when 20+ individuals should be. Do you know what could be causing this? Also, how often do dynamic lists in Klaviyo refresh?


Best answer by Manny Singh 14 October 2022, 03:08

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5 replies

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Interesting.  Let’s see what could be happening here.  Could you send a few screenshots:

  • One of the segment definition
  • One of the profile property area of the a subscriber that should be in there but isn’t
  • One of the profile property area of the a subscriber that is in the segment 
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@Mailbox Manny I think I realized the issue. I had tagged individual orders in shopify with the “PRlaunch” tag and not the customer profiles in Shopify. The two people who got added to the segment based off of the logic I created were the two people I mistakenly tagged on their customer profile rather than their individual order. 

This presents an issue because I want to segment based off of tags I am placing on orders in Shopify. Is this possible to do in Klaviyo? Because I could send multiple PR gifts to the same individual over time, I rather the tag live on the order rather than the customer profile. I included the screenshot of the segmentation I had created. 


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Hmmm, how would you plan to use that tag in Klaviyo? Is it for a flow? campaign? or something else?


To answer your question about order tags in Klaviyo, check out these similar questions and answers in the community (it looks like it lives in the Fulfilled Order event or going a custom route with the help of a developer):



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@Mailbox Manny I want to create a segment and then use that segment for an evergreen flow. Aka every time I gift an order I want follow-ups to be automated so that they can tell us how they liked it. Thank you for the links! I’ll check those out.

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@pasarup29 👍 you should be able to do that with the methods in those 2 links.