$source not triggering flow even though set up as a trigger filter?

  • 12 March 2021
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I have two sign up forms on my website which I want to trigger a particular welcome flow - one is a pop up and labels property as $source '10%coupon', one is a form at the bottom of the homepage and although I didn't set it to do this, I notice it is adding $source 'Subscribe Page' to profiles. So I have set the flow trigger to everyone on my list with the property either $source 10%coupon or $source Subscribe Page.

This is working for the $source 10%coupon but not the $source Subscribe Page. When I look at 'Trigger Setup Preview' it says the profiles with $source Subscribe Page do not qualify, even though this is set up as a trigger filter. I have made sure it is inputted exactly as it is on profiles (e.g same capitalisation)

Please can you help me with this? I've been going round in circles all evening! 

My website is

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From what I’m understanding, it sounds like you have a popup and an embed (footer) signup form each with their own $source property (which is what we’d want to see). 


My recommendations for troubleshooting are based off of some assumptions - you’d like the communication for the Welcome series to be the same for subscribers who opt-in via the popup or embed form, both forms are routing to the same mailing list, and you only want the welcome series to trigger for subscribers coming through these 2 forms then you’ll need to ensure the following is set up:

  • The flow is triggering off of “Someone subscribes to [main mailing list]”
  • FLOW FILTERS of “Properties about someone where $source equals '10%coupon' OR $source equals ‘Subscribe Page’

As an FYI, you are able to adjust the $source associated with a signup form by clicking on the button in the signup form editor. You’ll notice there’s a section called “Submit Hidden Fields” which is where adjust the $source.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks so much for sharing the steps that you did take already, and exploring the Community for some solutions. And thank you @julie.accardo for your recommendations.

In addition to @julie.accardo’s suggestions, I am curious if these are the only two sign-up forms submitting to the list. If so, there is no need to specify a $source in the filter at all. Granted, if you were to add additional sign-up form(s) to submit to this list at a later time, you would need to specify the $source in the flow filters.

I also recommend verifying the $source of both forms. You can verify by navigating into the sign-up form itself and clicking on the Call to Action (CTA) button on the form. Then, on the left-hand side you can verify the actual $source value the form is collecting. The “Subscribe Page” source is a generic source assigned when a form does not have a $source value under “Hidden Fields”. That may be the root of the problem since, although it is logging “Subscribe Page” as $source, it is a “stock” source value not directly applicable to this form. If the form currently logging “Subscribe Page” doesn’t have a $source under “Hidden Fields”, I recommend adding a net new $source value and try adding the flow filter using the new $source value.

Thanks, and have a great rest of your day.