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  • 25 August 2022
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If a $source value is -6, what does this mean? 



Best answer by alex.hong 25 August 2022, 21:11

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Hello @AnnaE ,

It looks like the -6 is actually tracking a segment you have set up. I would review your account’s data and then report back if there is some error.


Thank you!


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@alex.hong I found this thread while doing some research on the $source values for myself too.  It turns out, some of the $source value has a lookup table here in this reference below. 

In this case, a $source value of -6 is most likely “Manually Initiated.” Sharing this here for future reference if somebody stumbles on this!:


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Has anyone also found information on what a positive number may indicate too? I have quite a few $source values listed as numbers such as 21, 113, 130, etc.