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  • 6 April 2023
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We have an email that we want to send out automatically to customers who purchase from a select product category on the first and sixteenth of each month - is there any trick to making this happen?

IE, Sandy purchases on July 7th, and receives the communication on July 16th.
Jorge purchases on April 29, receives the communication on May 1.
Irene purchases on March 15, receives the communication on March 16.


Best answer by stephen.trumble 7 April 2023, 15:30

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Hey @eMeg 

Thanks for reaching out for help with your post purchase flow.

I understand you are wanting for a Flow email to only go out on a specific day of each month. Unfortunately at this time we cannot schedule flows to send on a specific day of the month, unless the profile has a date property. A Campaign Email would be the best bet here since you could schedule the emails beforehand to be sent on specific dates (of the month). 
Date Property Triggered Flows are the only Flow emails which can have recurring sends on a monthly and annual basis for subscription, birthdays, anniversaries etc. However, because this email is triggered by Placed Order metric and not via date property, this cannot be applied here. 
I've submitted a product request on your behalf for the team to consider for future development. Hope this helps!