Split based on purchased product in post purchased flow

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding splits in the post purchased flow.

I would like to make splits based on purchased product to send specific advices on how to use the product.


The split: 

What someone has done (or not done), ordered product, collections, product, at least once, since starting this flow

There are 4 splits for each product :

  • Product 1
  • Product 2
  • Product 3
  • Product 4

The question is, if the customer buys 2 products for exemple 1 and 4. Will he receive 2 emails based on these splits? How does it works?

Thanks !


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2 replies

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Hey @Nico01, great to see you back here.

It looks like you’re on Shopify - if you noticed, there’s two separate metrics, one for “Placed Order” and one for “Ordered Product.”  

If you use the “Placed Order” event, that’s the full transaction of an order so it includes all the items they purchased in one event.  In your example, if they purchased Product 1 and Product 4 in the same transaction, then they will go down the first Split that has a matching product.  Since it’s a single event (one Placed Order), the user will only get one email that matches the first Split condition.

On the other hand, you can have your Flow triggered by the “Ordered Product” - then for each item of an order goes through a separate event which triggers the Flow uniquely.  So in your example, the user will receive two emails (unless you put some Trigger Filters or Flow Filters) because they purchased two items.  

Depending on what you want to do, you can use either Metric, though it seems like you would want to use “Ordered Product” metric since you are making product specific Flow messages. 

For more information about the two events, I’ve linked them above, but you may want to see the whole article here:

Hope this helps!

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Hello @retention,

Thanks for the clear answer !

If I sum it up :

  • Placed order trigger : 1 mail (the first split that the flow encounters)
  • Ordered product : 2 mails for each product send at the same time after the order.

What do you recommend ? Does sending 2 emails at the same is too much even if they’re useful ?

Also, will they also receive all the emails that result from these splits ? I think yes, so if I send a review request for product 1 they will also received it for product 4 event if the 2 products are on the same review mail beaucause its based on the “top” Fullfield order trigger.