Stop Personalized Product Recommendation Feed in Browse Abandonment Flow From Showing the Recent Product Caught in Dynamic Block

  • 17 December 2023
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Hi @everyone,

I have a Browse Abandonment flow that’s setup and working properly with a dynamic block which I believe we all know is designed to return the most recently viewed product. 

I added a product recommendation block to each of the emails within this flow and personalized this feed to show products the customer ‘may also like’ based on ‘both view and purchase history’ and I recently found that there are instances where this feed shows a product that’s already showing in the dynamic block above.

I’ve canvassed this community for a solution even if it’s code-based, anything at all, but I couldn’t find one.
Is there anyone that has had success with resolving this sort of issue or should I reach out to support?

Thank you

1 reply

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Hi @genZ_dumbledore!

If you have access to Support, it may be best to reach out there for this as they will be able to assist with account level-access.