Sunset Flow - Adding Past Profiles Not Working?

  • 22 February 2024
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 Hi guys, I’ve tried multiple times to add past profiles on my sunset flow… Please let me know why I cannot add past profiles to this segment based flow? Have used “add past profiles”  to beginning of the flow multiple times. And gave more than 48 hours. Please help. 



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2 replies

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Hi @adity - It looks like there is a filter on the flow, could that be causing an issue?
Also, if the email you are sending has dynamic coupon codes, it most likely can’t be back populated, according to this article: How to add past profiles

If the dyamic codes are causing the issue, here is a thread that offers a workaround:


I have an idea for a workaround if dynamic codes and filters aren’t the problem, but I’ll wait to see if either of those helps.

Best of luck!


Hi @JessFosnough, it did the work, thanks. Even though the filters were same as the conditions in the segments. I edited and just kept one filter - Placed order zero times since starting this flow.