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  • 10 August 2021
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Is there a way to see how many folks have been suppressed via this sunset flow? Hope you can help me on this matter. Thank you!

Thank you!


Best answer by David To 10 August 2021, 16:02

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Hello @JustJassy,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Because a sunset flow is set up in a way that removes users who have interacted with the emails in this flow, contacts who reach this final step of the flow would be considered inactive and be tagged through the profile property and value of “Suppress = True”. From this tagging, you can use it to create segment to see the number of contacts who have received this sunset flow and need to be suppressed. The segment definition you’ll want to use for this “Properties about someone, Suppress equals True AND What someone has done, Received email at least once where Flow equals X (Name of the sunset flow)”.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to this Update Profile Property step in the flow and review its activity who has been completed in having their profile property updated or tagged. Upon clicking on this step in the flow, you should be able to see this detail on the left side of users waiting to enter this step of the flow and those who have already had their profile property updated/tagged. You can also click on the View All Activity link in this section to also see more in depth details as well. 

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to manually suppress these inactive profiles as the sunset flow will not automatically suppress these profiles for you. You can get a refresher on how to suppress profiles from the How to Bulk Delete or Suppress Contacts in Klaviyo and About Suppressed Profiles in Klaviyo Help Center Article as well as from the Create a Suppression Segment subsection of the Creating a Sunset Flow guide Klaviyo offers. 

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Hi David ! I have a question regarding this method of list cleaning. If a profile is marked as supressed:true and then manually supressed, what happens if the person want to re-subscribe to our list? I take it that the propriety supressed will still be in their profile and they will appear in my “to be supressed” segment? Am I wrong ?


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Hi @Audrey-Anne,

Yes you right when someone resubscribe to the list the property will not change as it was add as a result of the flow. But this profile will be again mailable.

You can read more here:


@David To is maybe automatic suppression something that was developed in meantime? Or is there any other way to cancel some profiles email marketing consent?