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  • 20 June 2023
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Hi, I’m running a big launch with lots of emails going out this week. I want to give customers the chance to opt-out of getting emails during this launch if they’re not interested in the offer at this time, but still stay on our list. 

Hoping this will help prevent unsubscribes. 

In Convertkit this was simple. I have a page on my website called “Opt-out” and I would just hyper-link that page within the email, ie. “opt-out to snooze this launch but stay on our list.” And then I’d set a rule that anyone who clicked that link would be in a different segment “opt-out launch” not be emailed in this campaign. 

But I can’t find a way to do that here in Klayvio. Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance for the help! 


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Hi @gokellylewis, welcome to the community!


What you’re looking for in Klaviyo is a custom profile property that will be added to someone’s profile. This is the same function as a “custom field” in ConvertKit. You can create a URL that will automatically set a specific value on someone’s profile for a custom property, based on the link they click. 


When I’ve done this in the past, I’ve created properties with a name like “snooze_trigger” and then I set it as a Text data type, with values of “Yes” and “No.” To do this, you’ll need one link or button for people to click for “Yes, I want to stay in the loop” and “No, skip me for this promo” or something like that.


Each link sets a specific value, so that’s why you need two. Here’s a help doc on how to best implement this for you.


One important piece of this is custom properties work best when you set them up in advance. So I’d use a couple of test profiles to upload a CSV with the custom property name, and at least one test profile gets the “Yes” value for that property, and one test profile gets the “No” value for that property. 


I hope this helps!





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P.S. To save you time later, you can save the text block or button that you use for these custom property update links as a “universal block” - so you can drag and drop it into new emails you build later ,with the link protocol already configured and ready to go!