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  • 27 April 2023
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I would like to set up a flow that allows for a specifically targeted cross-sell. We have lots of sets of clothing in our store eg - hoodies & track pants, tops & skirts.

I have all of this information set up in Shopify under the 'complementary products' meta field. Thus, all of the products already have this information so how I would like the flow to work is that:

1. Somebody buys the top
2. An email is sent X days later cross-promoting the matching skirt and offering a discount

I began setting up a flow for every single product however this is a tedious task and I expect that because Klayvio has all of the Shopify data, I should be able to set up a flow with specific cross-selling.


Please advise on how to set this up.


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Hey @emorgannn 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post!

Unfortunately the way you are setting up your cross sell flow is the best way to target specific products within your flow. I will share your feedback with our Dev team to look into simplifying this process as you are not the only person who has found this solution unscalable for their brand. Thank you so much for the feedback!