The waiting metric in an Email from a Flow

  • 9 March 2023
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How should the waiting metric be understood? 

Is it because Klaviyo can’t predict it?



Best answer by Ashley I. 9 March 2023, 18:05

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Hi @PhilipLOOW ,

Thank you for posting this question to the Community! 

Do you have a time delay or other flow filter above this conditional split? If so, the ‘Waiting’ status will indicate the number of users who are in that flow, but have not yet met the criterial to move forward to the next step. If your flow message is scheduled to send after X number of hours/days, this is the number of people waiting to receive the scheduled messages will appear here.

In your screenshot, the ‘Yes” or ‘No” percentages denote the messages that were sent or skipped as users met your conditional split criteria. Scheduled messages that have not been dispatched yet do not count towards these totals. 


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hey @PhilipLOOW,

Adding to @Ashley I.’s great explanation, I would recommend checking out our Understanding how contacts move through a flow Help Center article.

In it you’ll find an example and explanation to how contacts are navigated through flows and how time delays impact their journey.