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  • 23 October 2023
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I use Shopify & Klaviyo.

I want my discount code I created in Klaviyo to be active with the email I send to the user and to be available for 9 days after it is active.

I created a timed coupon code this way, but when I tested it, it didn't work.

I can't even duplicate the coupon codes in quantity.

I wonder where I am going wrong, I read the relevant articles, but none of the time codes I created worked.

Is there anyone who can help with this issue :)


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2 replies

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Hi @Prensipler 

Thanks for posting your question in the community. My initial thought is that while the coupons have been created, they haven’t been activated since they haven’t been sent via a campaign. Are you able to verify the status of the coupon codes in Shopify? You’ll need to search Shopify by the coupon pool name you set up in Klaviyo, and then the initial batch of coupons will be listed there. I’d check to see if the coupons have been activated yet. I’ve ran into this problem myself and for me, the this was the issue.

Good luck!

@In the Inbox 

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Hi @Prensipler - @In the Inbox is right, if you have a coupon that expires in X days (or hours), they are not activated (and the expiration doesn’t start) until it is used in an email (or popup). 

Klaviyo sometimes pre-generates them (100 at a time) to manage the volume due to Shopify’s API throttling requirements, so you may see them in Shopify ahead of time.  But once the email (or popup) happens, the code is activated and the expiration date is updated based on your settings. \

You can see that here in the documentation:

Unique coupon codes for live flow emails are generated automatically in batches of 100. When the number of coupon codes is depleted below 100, or if the price rule of expiration period change, Klaviyo will generate another 100 coupon codes. This ensures that there are always enough codes available for live flow emails, but it can also lead to a large number of coupons generated in Shopify as well as in the "total" coupons tab in Klaviyo. Because coupon codes for flows are replenished automatically, you won't need to manually add batches of coupon codes via the Add Codes option.


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