translate {% unsubscribe %} to french without any conflict

  • 30 April 2021
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how can I translate  {% unsubscribe %} to french without any conflict in the footer of a french email.

Thank you


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Hello @Samar Mazloum,

You can translate the {% unsubscribe %} syntax and have it display as your desired phrasing by using the following syntax {% unsubscribe 'PHRASE_TO_DISPLAY' %} while replacing the PHRASE_TO_DISPLAY portion of the syntax.

Similarly, this can be accomplished for both the Manage Preference and the Web View tag as highlighted in the Guide to Template Tags and Variable Syntax article with examples of each. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi David, 

Can you help with this please. When I type in {% unsubscribe ‘afmelden’ %}, it comes out like this in email form: What am I doing wrong? 


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Hi there @CourtneyAcosta,

That is odd behavior. Can you confirm with a screenshot how you have written the syntax for it? Here is a related article as well.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. I read that article that you sent as well and also tried this version: {% unsubscribe ‘afmelden’ %}, but that didn’t work either. I didn’t quite understand the “needing more control” part, so hopefully you can help explain. Please help b/c we send out email campaigns in a few different languages. 

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Hi @CourtneyAcosta,

The case could be a syntax issue. I would suggest you replace {% unsubscribe %} with {% unsubscribe_link %} let me know if that worked.