Trigger based flow for BFCM: *Cumulative* order quantity?

  • 17 November 2020
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Hi There, 

I have resigned myself to going with the simpler route but wanted to use this question to introduce myself to the forums… and if there is a solution that would be amazing. 

So we are doing a BFCM offer where if people gift a coffee subscription, they get a coupon for a free bag of coffee. 

Because it is a gift order, it’s really only possible to checkout with *one* gift subscription at a time (I explored other workarounds but basically they aren’t possible)

So I created a flow that triggers on people ordering one of these gift subscriptions. I filtered on Shopify Tags. This works. 

I would like to up the ante though, and offer even bigger rewards the more gift subscriptions you give. For example, we have some travel mugs that I’d like to reward to people that gift 3 or more times. 

I set up trigger splits, but, predictably, they don’t seem to be able to say “this person bought this item *a total of* 2 times…” rather, it only sees the “quantity” of the initial checkout. 

I know this is getting a bit advanced, but I’m just curious if anyone sees or can think of a logical solution that might work here? If not I’ll just settle for sending out the same email every time someone gifts. Not ideal but… hopefully good enough. 


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Hi Haikuluke, 

One thing I’d suggest trying is using a conditional split instead of a trigger split. The trigger split will only look at the context of the event, whereas a conditional split can look at a customer’s order history

For example, you could try configuring your split like the example below, and only customers who have placed an order at least 3 times for your specified product will go down the YES path.

If this is a campaign you’ve started recently and you only want to reward customers who purchased x times within that time period, you can change the time period to match that as well. 


As for coupons, you can create two coupon tags: 1 to give to customers who did not meet the special threshold, and one to reward people who do. If you split your flow to send different messages to each customer based on their purchase history, you can include one coupon in the YES path and another in the NO path. 

Klaviyo send each recipient a unique code, however they will continue to receive the same code even if they enter the flow more than once if you are using the same coupon placeholder tag. The only exception is if you set your coupon to expire and the customer re-enters the flow after their previous coupon expired.

If you plan for customer’s to be entering this flow multiple times within a short time-frame, you could definitely use conditional splits within the flow to create a work-around solution that gives the customer a unique code for each purchase,

Continuing off of the example flow above, you can add additional splits for placed order = 2 and placed order = 1 like below. You can include unique coupon tags in each of the messages following these splits to ensure that customers will receive coupon A for their first purchase, coupon B for their second purchase, and coupon C for their third purchase. You can program coupons A and B to be the same offer if you want to reward those customers the same way but ensure that they have 2 codes to use in future purchases. 


I hope this is helpful! 



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So glad I could help!

Delaying the coupon activation is a great idea so customers aren’t using their first purchase coupon to make their second purchase during the promotion.

If you want to do that and your customers know to expect a coupon, I’d recommend sending the email right away but setting an activation date for the coupon that is after cyber Monday. That way your customers get their coupon right away, which will build trust if they’re expecting a reward post-purchase. As long as you are clear in the email that the coupon is valid after cyber Monday they’ll know they can use it for a future purchase. 

Since you are using Shopify you’ll be able to set a coupon activation date within Klaviyo. And if you’ve already created your codes, you can update them within Klaviyo without creating new codes or changing the coupon tags in your messages.

This is totally just a suggestion though so feel free to take it or leave it. I hope your holiday campaigns go well!

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Ok. Actually. I just discovered the “delay until specific days of the week” in time delay so… what I can do is change the timing to be VIPs get this offer *tuesday* through monday and then set the coupon email to be delivered on tuesday after a 1 day delay. and then… it all magically works? 

Screenshots below, ignore the test date you see in the flow itself. I am just wondering if this would mean:

• customer C orders *on* Cyber Monday

• the flow sends out the “your reward code will arrive on Tuesday, 12/1/20” email

• the flow says wait a day after ^ step

• the flow sends out the reward code the following day because it’s a Tuesday? 

Anyways. You’ve already gone way above and beyond. I will just forumize this in case someday it is helpful for someone. Cheers. 

My only thing left to do is test this. I believe if I set my test to send me an email only on Thursdays and I order today and receive one email today and one tomorrow then I am good. If not then I assume the “1 day” delay means that I will get it the following Thursday. Sometimes I wish there were a less literal way to test flows heh. 



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Oh wow. You saved the day. Super helpful!

I am still testing but it looks like this will work. I did decide to go ahead and do three separate coupon codes, great thought which simplifies things quite a bit.

In fact… I may in fact end up telling folks that we will send out coupon codes the following day… so that coupon 1 is worth 1 bag of coffee, coupon 2 is worth 2 on and on… and using the conditional split, have the email go out on the day after Cyber Monday.

Further testing right now, and I’ll also test how well it performs during a period of time. 

I’ll check back on this hopefully is helpful for others.

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I think that is a really, really great suggestion! I agree that they should get an email with the “reward” noted immediately. 

Initially we were offering our deals on Cyber Monday but after a meeting today I now need to find a way to deliver the coupon codes for the cumulative period of Friday through Monday for all customers, and the *previous* monday through Cyber Monday for VIPs. 

When the plan was Cyber Monday only, I could simply do a one day time delay on the “here is your coupon code” and send out codes that are appropriate for *if* someone buys 3 gift subscriptions OR if they buy just 1. The cumulative thing you solved for me above would determine which email and which coupon code they receive. 

To summarize:

• Customer A buys 3 gift subscriptions, receives on Tuesday a coupon for the value of three bags of coffee

• Customer B buys 1 gift subscription, receives on Tuesday a coupon for the value of one bag of coffee

This is especially relevant because Shopify only allows one coupon code to be applied at a time… 

BUT now  I need to figure out a way to deliver these after the “event” but have it apply to all customers. I wish that Klaviyo had a “time delay” to a *specific date* but I understand why they wouldn’t in flows. 

So I am thinking that I will just reward people on the following day *during the event*… It may actually incentivize buyers who are stoked to get three bags free go out and gift another couple subscriptions.

I would prefer it though if it were a little more clean. Oh and actually this won’t work because I was going to do a “customer bought this # of items ‘between the dates’ 11/23 and 11/30 and send out emails for each day but I’d have to set up a massive chain and argh. 

I’m just thinking out loud here. 

Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll figure something out, even if it means simplifying the whole thing. 

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Uh oh. Also… I just ran into another snag… It appears that Klaviyo’s coupons here generate one code per customer? I am testing with my email and I got the email twice… which is my “oh well I guess this will work” solution but… with the same code. Dang.