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  • 26 January 2023
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Hi there. 

I want to send a specific email to customers who order one particular item from me. 

I’ve got it tagged on Shopify with “preservation”. I set up a trigger filter in Klaviyo to send to orders placed with the “preservation” tag but it’s not working.


can anyone shed some light please?

thank you 


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4 replies

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@Thefinerdetailbykim  Instead of using a tag, use the product name on the filter. That should be more reliable.


You’ll also want to remove that smart sending (the little green envelope) otherwise people will get skipped if they received an email from you in the last X hours. Default is 16. 

  • Click on the email card and then you’ll see additional filters toward the bottom of the edit screen on the left-hand side. 

Thank you so much! I didn’t even realise product name was an option, I must have missed it. Thank you about the smart sending too, I’ll switch that off. 

thank you again!

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Hey @Thefinerdetailbykim

If you’re using Shopify, I recommend using the ProductID filter. Using ProductName works, but if the product name ever changes in the future, even just a minor edit, the flow filter will stop working.

The ProductID can be found in the back-end of the Shopify product page. It’s the very last assortment of numbers in the URL, should look something like 7880268742834.

Or, if you’re on Windows, you can also find the ProductID by going to the live product page and following these steps:

→ crtl+u
→ ctrl+f
→ search productid
→ hit the enter key until you find a string of numbers.

Good luck! All the best,



Hi @DanJacobs 

thank you! That’s really good advice. I’ll do my best to find the product ID. I was trying last night but couldn’t find it anywhere! I’ll try your steps.

Thanks so much!