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  • 23 February 2023
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The screenshot below is from Klaviyo’s website. As you can see the trigger is: “Filled out form”. I’m now creating a form but I can’t seem to find this option to trigger a flow when someone filled out a form. How does this work? Thanks.



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4 replies

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Hi @robk123five can you send the link to the article? I’m wondering if thats a 3rd party integration trigger. I just confirmed in my Klaviyo account I don’t see the Filled out Form metric / trigger either, however what you can use is “Joined a List” as the trigger and have the form sync to a list. 


You also can use the filter on that trigger of “Properties About Someone” and $source to choose a form that they filled out. See below. Does that help get you what you need for now? And please send the URL to the article you saw as well and I’ll take a closer look.




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My screenshot is from this document: It’s on page 7 Surveys & quizzes.

Regarding your alternative; in my case it doesn’t show the sign-up form I created with Klaviyo. I also don’t see $source. In my dashboard it’s called Initial source

But I find it weird that it’s so hard to trigger an automation based on people signing up through one of my forms. I’ve tested other email tools as well and this is like one of the basics functionalities.



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@robk123five thanks for the link and more info. Have you done at least one submission in that form yet? Klaviyo events / triggers / filters are created after at least one such event has taken place. I’m wondering if that can at least help you see the $source option and then we can go from there.

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@Brett_Gatsby ah, that’s it. I didn’t opted in yet. A bit frustrating that I didn’t know that it should have at least one submission. Thanks for pointing that out.