Trigger Post-Purchase Email when an Order is tagged in Shopify

  • 3 November 2022
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I make my own products and takes up to 10 working days to produce. And when I finished working on an order, I will tag its Shopify order page as “production done”. When this happened, I like to communicate to my customers that their order is done and just waiting shipment. And on my end,


Is it possible for Klaviyo to send an email to the customer when their order is tagged “production done”? 


Thank you


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2 replies

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Hey @osirisx! Is it possible that those tags are also applied to the user’s profile in Shopify? Because you can make a flow that is triggered via a segment and your segment could filter in the rule: Properties about someone - Shopify Tags - Contains - production done. 

And that should populate a contact in each time they match that rule and when they do, the flow will trigger the message you set.

The only hiccup would be clean-up of that tag in Shopify so that if they order in the future, that tag is removed so that it can be re-applied to re-trigger the segment & flow again.

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Hey @osirisx 

Congrats on posting your first question to the Klaviyo Community! @Spark Bridge Digital LLC Thank you for jumping in to help!

I am not a Shopify expert, but would it make sense to use the Fulfilled Order status in Shopify to mark when the order is completed? Then use the Fulfilled Order metric to trigger the flow? This would alleviate the hiccup of using a profile property to trigger the flow and allow your customers to re-enter the flow as many times as they order.