Trigger Split - Item brands - Data type clarification?

  • 16 October 2021
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So I’m building a win-back flow, and would like to include a split for people who have purchased items from a particular brand versus those who have not. 

I added a trigger split and selected “Item Brands” and the default data type was “list”… can anyone clarify if this is the best choice? I would have thought Boolean would be better since it’s true/false, but that doesn’t actually let you choose a brand by name… I understand people could have purchased items from multiple brands but I’d like to split between “includes this brand” and “doesn’t include this brand”.






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2 replies

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Hello @wernstrom.

Great question!

The list data type would be the most appropriate one for this case. This is because those brand information you are trying to filter for are being shared to Klaviyo in an array/list format; thus using the list data type would be the correct choice here. Using a boolean data type can only represent two values: true or false. Because your item brands wouldn’t be the values of “true” or “false”, using this data type wouldn’t work to achieve your goal. I would suggest taking a look at our  About Data Types Help Center article to learn more about each data type and what each one represents. 

In addition, instead of using a trigger split, another potential option available to you would be using a conditional split based on the Ordered Product metric with the rules of “What someone has done, Ordered Product at least once where Brand equals/contains X”. The ordered product event is accompanied with the placed order event and records data points that are more product specific. For this reason, when filtering by this metric, you are offered more product specific data points. This is further broken down in the Reviewing Your BigCommerce Data Help Center article.

@Julia.LiMarzi also has a great write up on the difference between the placed order and ordered product events as well which I’ve included below:

I hope this helps!


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That’s very helpful, thank you!