Trigger splits not working with nested properties

  • 30 November 2022
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Hi, I have a pretty complicated event that I want to use in my flow.


As you can see below, the event is in the flow, but it’s missing a lot of the properties.


As you can also see below, the nested event properties are available in the email template.


My goal was to do some flow logic like, “counts.credits_received > 0” → send a different email.


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Could you try creating two separate flows for these instead of one (or however many you need) by using the trigger for when someone joins a segment. i.e. one is Send When Someone Joins the Segment, counts.credits_received > 0. And then another flow for add_ons_purchased, or whatever you want to send a different email for.


No, this flow should be triggered every time a user completes an action.


Why can’t I use the nested event properties? Is this a bug or a lack of a feature?

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Hi there @danatopen,


Thanks for sharing your question with us!


Thanks for hopping in here to help @chelsgrove!


However, you’re correct, from the screenshot you shared, it appears that the property you want to access is nested.


Nested data cannot be used in filters for flows or in segments since the information is buried too deep in the event data. Only top-level properties can be searched for in flow filters and segment definitions. The only place where you can use nested data is in a flow email triggered by the event, where you can display any piece of info that lives in the event's dynamic data.


To access this data for flow filter or  conditional split in this metric-triggered flow, I’d suggest either creating a net new custom event with this data point not nested, or rework the event so the data is a top level property.


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Thanks Taylor, I just wanted to confirm it wasn’t something I was doing incorrectly.


Fwiw, it’d be great to have the ability to use nested data in triggers. Is there any plans in the roadmap to do so?