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  • 10 February 2024
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Hi community! Who can help me please, how can i make a flow like this.

In the Shopify Flow we made a automatic tag for orders that contain:

  1. Products from a  collection page
  2. The payment gateway is COD (Cash on delivery)

And its working ok.

But we have another problem, we made a Flow already in Klaviyo.

In case its Placed Order with tag, it should send him and email, but its not working (

What we have to do? Help please.


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Hi @salamud, welcome to the community!

So the situation here is that the Placed Order from Shopify is sent to Klaviyo immediately when that event occurs.  Then, your Shopify Flow updates that Order with a Tag after a few seconds (milliseconds?), however, this doesn’t change the Placed Order event that has already been sent to Klaviyo.  That’s why, that value is not available (or set) in your Placed Order Flow Filter because at the time of the order, that tag does not exist (and Klaviyo doesn’t go back to update it).  

You can read more about this here:

You can approach this a few ways:

  • You can use the Klaviyo Shopify Connector or your own code to pass an additional separate event to Klaviyo with all the properties you need (e.g. “Placed Order COD”) as a new separate Custom Event that you can use to Trigger this Flow instead of “Placed Order.”
  • You can try adding the Payment Type of COD as a Shopify Tag for the Customer (not Order), then after a time delay for it to sync, use a Conditional Branch to split it based on the current Customer tag of the Payment Type.  Though, just note this could be problematic if people use different payment types across multiple orders in quick succession and some of the timing delays can still be an issue between Klaviyo and Shopify.

The first way is a lot cleaner but may require some technical capabilities with Shopify Flow Connectors or the Shopify/Klaviyo API integration.  

Hope that helps get you started!  


Can you help with this Klaviyo Shopify connector? please