Triggering a flow from updated Custom Property

  • 6 July 2023
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So, I’ve created a follow up to the Welcome flow...

  • 7 days after someone exits the Welcome flow, if they have not yet placed an order, it triggers the follow up flow
  • They receive an email offering a 10% discount code
  • But to receive the discount code, they are asked to click one of four buttons in the email
  • Each button represents a different value for a Custom Property called ‘Experience Level’
  • How can the follow up email, containing their coupon code, be triggered by them setting/updating this Custom Property?

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2 replies

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@Murray Finlayson 

I would say this flow should be started by a segment, and the segment definition should be..

  • Received email zero time zero times in the last 7 days where flow is Welcome flow
  • properties about someone Experience Level contains .. whatever the values you like to be here..

The only issue with this is this wont start always exactly 7 days after finishing welcome flow because it depends on 2 things. So if someone finishes a welcome flow now but only get one of the property after 20 days they will receive this flow 20 days after finishing a welcome flow.. so this flow will only start after both of the definitions become true. If that is ok with you than this should work fine


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Thanks Bobi N, that’s pretty much what I ended up doing…

The email offering 10% discount is sent 7 days after the last Welcome email.

It includes a filter for ‘placed order zero times’.

Segment is defined as:

  • Received the email mentioned above
  • The Custom Property ‘Experience’ is set

Once they enter this segment, it triggers the flow containing the discount code. There should be no time lag before sending the email with the coupon code.

So the only delay is how long it takes them to enter the segment (ie. receive the email offer and set their experience).

Seems a bit convoluted. But can’t see any better way…