Troubleshooting Win Back Flow

  • 16 March 2024
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Hello -

I have a question about my profile filter in my winback flow. If it’s set to include everyone from all lists that hasn’t opening an email in 180 days. Does the 180 count begin when the flow was created, or is it calculated from data in their profile? I am not seeing anyone in any of the flow cues since creating it nearly a month ago.

Thanks in advance for helping if you know why.


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@ART4LK9 hey, thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Let’s troubleshoot together:

If you have set up your filters so that they are all “AND” connected, this would mean a person would need to be in all of the lists at the same time, and also to not have opened an email in the last 180 days, to trigger your flow. Setting your filters so they are “OR” connected would mean person needs to be in either of the lists you’ve selected, then you can append an “AND” connection and say “AND opened email 0 times in the last 180 days”.

Besides this, you may need to back-populate your flow. THIS ARTICLE explains how. If your winback flow is triggered by the Placed Order metric, then the “Add Past Profiles” option should in theory add everyone relative to when they performed the action that triggers the flow.

Finally, THIS ARTICLE discusses a great way to make this super easy for yourself, and that’s to firstly create a winback segment (e.g. “is or isn’t in a list > is in a list > LIST NAME” OR ditto… ditto… ditto AND has opened email 0 times in the last 180 days AND has placed an order at least once over all time AND is subscribe to receive email marketing). Then you make your flow so it’s triggered by the segment, and you can again add past profiles to it so it back-populates from the segment.

Let me know if this helped, happy to chat further!