Unable to Send Abandon Cart Emails

  • 26 December 2022
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Hi, I’m new to Klaviyo. We have integrated Klaviyo with our Shopify store and I’ve created an Abandoned Cart Flow. I’ve set the trigger of the flow to “Checkout Started”.


The issue I’m facing is that when I go to our Shopify website, add products to the cart, reach check out after putting in all the details (email, address, etc.) I don’t receive the Abandon Cart Email, I changed the flow status to live before testing.


I’ve also tried sending test emails to my email address, but that doesn’t work either. The emails which I used at the time of abandoning the cart are showing in the “Bounced Email” section of analytics. Please note that the emails that I’m using are the correct emails, the inboxes are not full, and the emails are being used on a daily basis but still I’m not able to receive the email. I’ve tried setting the time trigger to both 2 mins and 2 hours but it doesn’t seem to work. Please help in this regard. Thank you!


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Hi @zarghamshahid !


It looks like you have already taken care of a few of the most common reasons that an abandoned cart email may not be working. Since you mentioned that you integrated your Klaviyo account with your Shopify site, can you also confirm that you have created an “Added to cart” event for Shopify? This can sometimes be skipped during the initial integration process, and can cause your Abandoned Cart emails to not send out correctly. 


An easy way to see if the “Added to cart” event is properly being carried over to Klaviyo is by clicking on a customer’s profile in Klaviyo and checking for “Added to cart” events captured in the person’s activity timeline. See an example below:



Note, this event will only work for a user that is already in your database and has cookies enabled in their browser session. If the account you are using is a new user or you have recently cleared your cookies, this Add to Cart event will not work.

If you have already correctly configured the above and are still not receiving the Abandoned Cart emails, I might also recommend updating your Shopify integration, and or removing it and re-adding it to see if that fixes the problem. 


Hope this helps!


- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hi @AshCRO. I just created the “Add to Cart” event on my Shopify site and everything is working now. Thank you for helping!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-Zargham Shahid