Understanding Flow Trigger Preview and Recent Profiles

  • 21 May 2023
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I want to be sure I have my welcome series flows (I have two separate lists) are functioning properly and am trying to use the Flow Trigger Preview to check this. I have read the Klayvio Help Center Page on this. As a test, I subscribed to both of my flow lists with my personal email. Based on the flow filters I have set up, I should only receive emails from the first flow I subscribed to, and be excluded from the second list/flow. When using the flow trigger preview for the most recent 10 member profiles, is it my understanding correct that the preview will only show the most recent 10 profiles that qualify for the flow (instead of showing all of the recent 10 profiles, and then indicating those that don’t qualify with a “does not qualify for this flow” result). I guess I get confused because when trying the Flow Trigger Preview, all of the 10 profiles show up as “This sample recipient would qualify to enter this flow” where I guess what I was expecting was to see some would qualify, some would not. For example I do see my own personal email address as a profile to preview the trigger for in the first flow I signed up for. But I don’t see my email as a profile to preview the trigger in the second flow. Am I to understand that my flow filters are working correctly then, because my profile was excluded as one that can previewed in the second flow?


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Hey there!

In the Preview, you’ll always see the 10 most recent profiles who triggered your flows trigger metric, like Placed Order for example. Even if they don’t meet your flow filters, you’d see them in the preview line-up because they did the starting trigger action. With seeing all marked as qualify, it may just shake out that way where they would actually all meet it and so far nobody has! 

So for your other flow that you don’t see your profile in - is the trigger the same Metric or different? You may need to actively trigger that 2nd flows Metric to appear in the profile preview. 

Or if you have a lot of data coming - you may have been in the preview line-up but potentially pushed down the line with other users triggering that metric. 

You can also keep your flow in manual for a bit if you want to do some more day-to-day testing to see how your contacts trickle in!