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  • 3 August 2021
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I set up "Placed Order Zero time since starting this flow" for Cart Abandonment flow but getting confused about its definition.

If a customer placed order once at any time, and then that one comes back for 2nd purchase but abandon the cart this time.

So, my cart abandonment flow will available for him/her in this case or not?

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Hey @Nicky - welcome to the community!

The Cart Abandonment is typically triggered off the “Checkout Started” Event, so every time someone starts the Checkout process, they start in that Flow (by definition).  This is known as a “Metric Triggered Flow” (as opposed to the other types such as List/Segment, Date, and other special triggered Flows).  

Once in the Flow, the Flow Filter as you specified, means a moment before the next Email is sent, it checks the Flow Filter Rule “Placed Order Zero Times… Since Starting This Flow.” A Flow Filter is a global rule where it is checked before each Message in the Flow. 

In your case, if the customer made a “Placed Order” event, then they exit the Flow and don’t receive the Cart Abandonment email - but only applies since they started the Flow (which was when the “Checkout Started” first occurred that Triggered them to be in the Flow.

So in short, Yes! - the next time your customer Starts a Checkout, and doesn’t Place an Order, they will get the Cart Abandonment email the next time - even if they have made a purchase in the past because at the next “Checkout Started” - they are re-introduced into the Flow again.

Here’s some more documentation to help you understand how Flow and Flow Filters work:

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Thanks a lot for your information !!! 

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