Update Property Link not working when used in images

  • 27 January 2023
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The update_property_link works just fine when I use it to link texts,

but I cannot use it as the link of an image. Let me explain:


The URL works when used in text.


But when used in an image, I get a 400 Bad Request error.




Klaviyo’s message when I am in preview while hyperlinking images with the update_property_link.


Any ideas on how to solve that?



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2 replies

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Hi @Stamos, welcome to the community!

If you are getting “invalid tags/variables” - there’s probably something slightly wrong with the code.  Double check for quotation marks, spacing, open and end tags {% %}.  Try testing the link on its own and Copy and Pasting it into the Image URL link field. Or, copy/paste it here and we can take a look at it here.

Here’s also a few other troubleshooting ideas from other threads:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @retention for your reply. 
Links are working now! For anyone interested if must have been an issue of the quotation marks:

Code that doesn’t work:
{% update_property_link ‘Example_Interest’ ‘true’ ‘’ %}

Code that works:
{% update_property_link 'Example_Interest' 'true' '' %}